Types of Slot Machines and Their Advantages

Despite the fact that slots are very young games that exist about 100 years, there is a developed industry of manufacturing the slot machines. This led to a wide range of slots can be found in both real and online casinos. Among the first slots there was a 3 reel slot machine, which is considered to be the classic today. However, the 3 reel slot is not very profitable and due to modern technologies, there appeared a lot of other variations of slot machines. It is important to know all about slot types as it will help to work out an efficient playing strategy.

The Main Types of Slots and Their Advantages

There are 2 main classes of slot machines: classic and video. Classic slot machines are the first slots that had real reels spinning to show the combination of symbols. In 1980s with the development of technologies there appeared video slots that were totally computerized. All you can see is spinning reels simulation on a video screen. Today video slots have captured almost all land-based casinos and virtual ones.

A multiple pay-line slot machine is a kind of video games that has more than a single pay-line. There can be from 1 to 25 pay-lines, which can have the form of horizontal, diagonal lines and other combinations. But the number of pay-lines depends on the number of inserted coins. The more you insert the more lines can pay out. All pay-lines are activated, when you make the maximum bet.

Buy-your-pay is a slot with 1 payout line, the winning of which depends on the number of inserted coins. The more bet is, the more reward can be given. Machines that work in such way, but have more than 1 payout line are multipliers.

There is a kind of multipliers that has a wild symbol. This type is very popular, as contains one wild symbol that can replace any picture to complete the winning combination.

A jackpot of progressive slots is not fixed and is growing with every spin of linked slot machines. The amount of jackpot is increasing until it is won or it reaches the certain rate determined by the casino. The first progressive slot was introduced in 1986. However, professional gamblers recommend to play standard slot machines, the jackpot of which is fixed and is determined by the casino.

There is one more type of slot machines that are high rated; it is a bonus slot that offers bonuses, when you hit a certain combination. As bonuses there can be a game within your game, free spins and ways to win a jackpot.

You can find bonus multiplier slots, which give you extra money on condition you betted the maximum number of coins and got a certain combination of symbols.

Hopefully, this review of the main slots types will help you to build your own strategy, win more coins and get more fun.