How to Control Slot Machine Odds?

Most players, having started gambling slot machines, face the same problem of frequent losing and rare winning, which lead to accumulating cash in a slot machine bank. In order to fill your own pockets, not a slot machine bank with cash, it is important to know the types of slots and their odds, as it is the most sensible approach winning strategy.

What Determines the Slot Machine Odds

First of all it is important to know that the randomness of symbol combinations and consequently the odds are determined by the RNG or Random Number Generator. This electronic device is controlled by a software system. The odds are determined by the casino, when the software program is being created.

How to Calculate the Slots Odds

Most slots have their own winning combinations of symbols appearing on several different pay-lines. Usually there is only one winning combination that gives the highest jackpot. Let's think that there are 20 different symbols on each reel and there are 3 reels in the slot machine. Then the possibility that the reels will show the same symbols is 1 on 20X20X20. It means that the odds in such slot machine are 1 on 8000.

Can We Influence the Slots Odds?

Eventually, the players are not able to affect the odds of slot machines. However, there are some tips concerning odds, which should be taken into consideration.

  • The Random Number Generator has no memory, it means that the same combination can appear any times in a line. So, a widespread belief that slot machines, which haven't paid for a long time, will soon hit a jackpot is wrong. You can bet the same machine for millions of times and leave penniless or insert just a few coins and a jackpot will hit twice a day.
  • Earlier there were such slot machines programmed to show combination, which were very close to a jackpot, so to make a player feel he has almost won the prize. That kept them betting and betting. Fortunately, the law prohibits using such slot machines today.
  • The virtual odds of a slot machine are shown as the slot payout. Slot machine payout is a percentage of cash that is returned to a gambler. The payout can fluctuate from 95% to 99%. It means that 95% of cash is returned to players and only 5% is the casino profit. A third party authority determines the percentage of winning.